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Test Succesful for 1 MW E-Cat Cold Fusion Device 28/10/2011

29 ottobre 2011

It works!
Yesterday 28/10/2011 Andrea Rossi, the inventor of E-Cat, in presence of  the 1Mw customer, other scientist, Associated Press, radio, blogger etc … perform the test on the 1Mw E-Cat.
This device worked during the test in autosustainable mode for 5 hours with output 470kwh per hour. Impressive results.

Probably we are finally at the beginning of a new Era. Anyway this kind of energy/technology need a wise mind to be used! This devide could bring us directly into a better world … but if we decide to follow the protif, GDP, StockMarkets with acquisitive and competitive behavior, this device will bring us directly to the estinction of human beings. We can’t leave this technology in the hands of 1%.  This device is for the whole humanity, for the planet, a gift for our Mother Earth after all the pain that we cause her.

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